Raucous Kenwood Chef A701a

A noisy Kenwood Chef A701a gets a gearbox rebuild.

This Chef had been sleeping quietly in a kitchen cupboard for some time before being woken up to make cake mixtures once again.  The owner had owned the mixer for many years from new and was sentimentally attached to it.  I fully sympathise, they’re great machines.  It had been used many times in the past and then packed away as new machines came and went.  Having decided that there was still a place for the A701a, it was fired up.

The owner didn’t remember it being quite as noisy and wondered if something was wrong with it.  She got in touch and brought it in to the workshop.   After listening to the mixer at varying speeds, we agreed that perhaps it was a bit noisy and that further investigation was required.

 At this stage I must confess at this repair has been on the bench for a long while..!

I think the A701 is my favourite Kenwood Chef product as it’s very elegant, beautifully proportioned and almost over-engineered.  It comes from a time where built-in obsolescence was a swear word.

White removed
FixItWorkshop, Oct’17, Kenwood Chef, A701a.

On with the problem.  After disconnecting the gearbox by removing the drive belt, I checked the motor for general wear and tear, the brushes and speed control mechanism and I concluded that it all seemed OK and working smoothly.  The gearbox however did seem a bit noisy when turned manually, nothing hideously graunchy, but a little rough.  To be honest, it would have probably survived, but I wanted to open up the gearbox to make sure that it was as it should be.

Whilst removing the Chef’s casing around the gearbox, I’d noticed traces of grease around the joints and various power take-offs.  All models seem to do this to an extent, but this one seemed to be quite bad.  Closer inspection revealed that some of the grease had escaped out of the seal between the two halves of the gearbox casing.  Opening up the casing revealed that the grease that was left had been pushed to the corners of the space within the gearbox and that the gears were a bit dry, this was probably the root cause of the noise.  The planet wheel that drives the beater was also bone dry.

Luckily, there are plenty of suppliers who can supply rebuild kits for Kenwood Chef gearboxes, including new gears and grease.  The gears in this seemed serviceable, but it seemed very sensible to replace the lubricant with the correct 130g of Kenwood gearbox grease, which is food safe.  I used ‘Kenwood Chef Restore’, an eBay seller and the kit was a reasonable £10.99, including P&P.  The kit included the main gearbox grease, white grease for the planet gear and sealant for the gearbox casing.

FixItWorkshop, Oct’17, Kenwood Chef A701a, repair kit from Kenwood Chef Restore, eBay.

Before replacing anything, the first job was to clean out all traces of the original grease which had gone very sticky and was contaminated with general wear.   The first pass clean involved using paper toweling, followed by water and detergent, before a final clean with brake cleaner, which removed the last few traces of grease and dirt.

With the gearbox refilled and resealed making sure the spacers were re-fitted to the correct parts, the drive belt re-fitted with just enough slack, the gears sounded much sweeter with the final parts of the casing reassembled.  One last point to note is that I used silicone sealant on the blender attachment power take-off plate in replacement to the one fitted, since the original seal was well past it (see below).

As a finishing touch, I replaced the existing machine feet which had turned to mush with replacements from Sussex Spares (eBay shop) for a very reasonable £2.70, delivered.

The Chef was now ready to prepare cake mixtures again.

Cost of new machine: £300 and up.  Cost of replacement parts: £13.69 (plus my time).


Author: fixitworkshop.co.uk

Hi, my name's Matt and I'm on a mission to save everyday items from the bin. Many things are repairable, but we've seemingly fallen out of love with mending things. I aim to fix that by publishing each repair I carry out in the hope that others will be inspired to repair their things and keep them for longer.

7 thoughts on “Raucous Kenwood Chef A701a”

  1. In about 1988 in Zimbabwe I bought on auction a 701 it has been in use about twice a week ever since, then suddenly came to a sudden stop ! On strip down I found there were no carbon brushes – just one spring and half of a spring ! Further examination showed that it had at some time in the past had some work done – presumably new brushes fitted ! I fitted the rotor into my electric drill and used a sandpaper finger nail-file to remove a what was a groove of about 0,2 mm deep . I bought spares – brushes, resistor, choke, and capacitators, I did not fit the capacitators as the large, tube type looked fine.
    Anyway to “cutup a long story”, the only problem was setting the adjustable speed governing plate – I finally left it so that the motor only starts to run on number one. I finished off by respraying it and fitting a new mains cord and plug. Only remaing problem is that the gearbox sounds rather noisy?


    1. Well done, and it sounds like that you’ve done a very thorough job. Since you’ve done such a thorough job, maybe it’s time to re-grease the gearbox too. That will quiet things down, I suspect. Good luck.


    2. Well done, and it sounds like that you’ve done a very thorough job. Since you’ve done such a thorough job, maybe it’s time to re-grease the gearbox too. That will quiet things down, I suspect. Good luck.


  2. I have one of these belonged to my wife’s mother
    Not been used for about 15 years or more
    Works ok but noisy
    So I am going to strip it down as per your method
    Just wondering how you get access to the gearbox etc


  3. Thanks for sharing!
    Just in case the grease is not available locally (nationally), here’s a good alternative to the recommended grease:
    > Super Lube 71150 Synthetic Grease PTFE Extreme Pressure High Temperature
    It is food safe (NSF H1 registered), hast the same NLGI viscosity (NLGI grade 2) rating as the original Shell grease, doesn’t brake down over time and is reasonably priced.
    Works perfectly fine in my A701A.


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