About Matt and FixItWorkshop

About Matt Marchant

Since a child, Matt’s grown up around bicycles, motorbikes, cars, everyday white goods and electronic equipment and has always been interested in maintaining and repairing them.  FixItWorkshop is not Matt’s main job, but more of a hobby for now.

FixItWorkshop was started to share Matt’s love of ordinary everyday items that are often overlooked as disposable items.  It’s hoped, through these pages and videos on YouTube, that others will think twice about condemning the vacuum cleaner that’s just gone wrong and have a go at repairing it for themselves.

Matt lives in Worthing, West Sussex (near Brighton) with his wife Amy and two daughters.

About FixItWorkshop…

Before you throw your broken appliances away, stop and ask; is there someone out there who can fix it for me?

Fix It Workshop is a man in a shed, on a mission to save your useful appliances from heading to the scrapyard. We believe that most things can be repaired; we’ll certainly give it a go, anyway! Too many household items are condemned to the bin without thorough investigation into whether they can be repaired.

Is your vacuum cleaner under performing or your clock losing time?  If you have a household item or appliance that isn’t working as effectively as it could be or running how you would like then let us see if we can fix it for you.

We are a small, honest and affordable service with a passion for fixing things! Let us know what you think the problem is, and we’ll decide if we think we can fix it. Worth a try before spending out on a new one, wouldn’t you say?

I’m also on LinkedIn.

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