Wheezy Dyson DC19

Another Dyson not biting the dust, just yet.

A mate asked if it was worth saving his abused Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner which has been residing in the garage for a couple of years, in the dark, unused. It had last seen service when clearing-up building dust and allsorts of non-domestic detritus and that abuse had now given the vacuum cleaner breathing difficulties. A vacuum with breathing issues means no suction.

FixItWorkshop, Worthing, January 2020, Dyson DC19.

Interestingly, the reason the Dyson was being called out of retirement was due to a lack of performance from the family’s more recently purchased battery machine. Hopefully I’ll get to see that in the workshop soon as well. I’m getting ahead of myself already.

Make and model: Dyson DC19 (grey and purple)

Fault reported: 70% reduction in suck

Cost of replacement: About £200

Cost of parts: £9.54

Hours spent on repair: 1

Tools needed: Cleaning tools

Sundry items: Silicone spray

Repair difficulty: 1/10

Cups of tea: 1

Biscuits: 2 (M&S Belgium Selection)

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Like many abandoned vacuum cleaners I see in the workshop or at the tip, there really wasn’t much wrong or really broken, yet its owner was considering its future. What to do. I’ll write about readiness to repair and repair inertia another time!

The repair in stages:

  • Remove, clean (and replace) filters and refit once dry (48 hours)
  • Remove collection cylinder and clean thoroughly and refit once dry (48 hours)
  • Clean all seals with soap and water, dress with silicone to revive
  • Check by-pass valve and clean as needed
  • Check power cable (clean to improve flex rewind system)
  • Check and clean roller brush head
  • Test!

The filters on this machine were so dirty that I decided to invest in a new set which, at under £10, seemed good value and will certainly extend the life of the DC19.

After giving the main unit a good polish the Dyson DC19 was ready to go home to clean-up. Another Dyson not biting the dust, just yet.

Author: fixitworkshop.co.uk

Hi, my name's Matt and I'm on a mission to save everyday items from the bin. Many things are repairable, but we've seemingly fallen out of love with mending things. I aim to fix that by publishing each repair I carry out in the hope that others will be inspired to repair their things and keep them for longer.

4 thoughts on “Wheezy Dyson DC19”

  1. We get vacs at most of the community repair events we attend [43 events in 2019, 31 events in 2018] and lack of maintenance [cleaning] is oftentimes the issue. Our vacs at home are from the TIP shop or side of the road and no surprises that hoses were blocked or filters need a clean. Well done on this quick fix and clean Matt. What type of biscuits? Karen+Danny at Mend It, Australia.


    1. Good morning Karen and Danny, happy new year! Its something I see here too. Abandoned toasters, vacuum cleaners and kettles by the road and pavement, usually with very little wrong. Think I might do an article on that in its own right. Do you collate the faults? I should do this- data is king. PS, the biscuits were M&S Belgium Selection (last if the Christmas stuff) biscuits. Dark chocolate I think 🙂


      1. Repair event organisers collate stuff in all sorts of ways, some don’t bother. Funny, but I said to Danny we must start collecting our own fixed/mended data in 2020. Data is taken notice off, for sure! I could go back over all our photos and collate those for items repaired to date. We’ll see, maybe not. Would love for you to do an article on found stuff. Happy New Year to you and yours. Dark chocolate is our favourite.

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